Trial Assistance and Support

Quality Legal Solutions, LLC provides a cost-efficient alternative when you need assistance at trial. If you engage our team, we will handle all of the logistics of getting the file materials and exhibits to/from the courthouse in a timely fashion and will be the extra set of hands that is often needed during crunch time. We can assist with setting up war rooms, picking up your catering order, transporting your expert witnesses to/from trial or the airport, and/or preparing any exhibits or trial presentations that will be needed at trial. We assist trial teams so that they can operate at top efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their clients.

  • Trial Site Management
    • Whether it is negotiating with vendors for rental of copiers and computers, hotel space, catering, or transportation, our group can take this headache off your plate so that you can focus on the many other tasks involved with presenting your case at trial.
  • Trial Presentations/Exhibits
    • With substantial experience in PowerPoint presentations and trial presentation software such as Trial Director, we will make sure that your case is presented to the jury in the best possible way.
  • Budget Management
    • We strive to bring you the highest level of assistance within the budget you have established for the case.
  • Logistics/Transport 
    • Our team can provide transportation of your expert witnesses or trial materials to and from the courthouse.

Disclaimer: Quality Legal Solutions, LLC does not claim to be attorneys or law firm employees and does not provide legal advice to the general public. Nothing on this website and/or any statement made by representatives of Quality Legal Solutions, LLC is intended to be nor should be considered legal advice. Each legal matter is unique and specific; as such Quality Legal Solutions, LLC encourages every individual and business to seek the services of an attorney concerning their specific legal matter.

Quality Legal Solutions, LLC provides support to the legal team and stands by the following statement:

 “We are not licensed attorneys in the State of Texas and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.”

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